Trusts for Vulnerable People

What is a Trust for Vulnerable Beneficiaries?

These are Trusts for individuals who must be either mentally or physically disabled or someone under 18 years of age who has lost a parent through death.

Trusts for Vulnerable Beneficiaries and Income Tax

The Trustees are responsible for the payment of such income tax and certain allowances are granted in arriving at the income tax payable.

Trusts for Vulnerable Beneficiaries and Capital Gains Tax 

Where a capital gain arises in a Trust it is the responsibility of the trustees to pay the necessary capital gains tax. Additional special reliefs are due when calculating capital gains tax except in the tax year when the beneficiary dies.

Trusts for Vulnerable Beneficiaries and Inheritance Tax 

Whilst inheritance tax may be payable in certain circumstances, these Trusts can receive special inheritance tax treatment under certain circumstances.

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