Estate & Trust Support Services for Solicitors

Over the past years Plummer Parsons has worked on many Estates and Trusts, with staff acting as executors and trustees in their own right.  On many occasions we have worked jointly with solicitors as well, each concentrating on their own sphere of expertise. 

Consequently we have gained valuable experience and insight as to not only how best to serve our clients but also solicitors, our fellow professionals.
We have installed and regularly use specialised accounting and taxation systems and programs.  These services are proving efficient and cost effective both for us and solicitors with or for whom we act and include:

Accounting Services

  • drafting and completing all IHT forms to enable Probate to be obtained.
  • preparing Estate accounts for executors and beneficiaries.
  • preparing Trust accounts for trustees and beneficiaries.
  • reviewing all accounts prepared by others and advising accordingly.

Taxation Services

  • completion of Trust & Estate Tax Returns.
  • completion of personal Tax Returns.
  • calculating all inheritance tax and other taxation liabilities payable.
  • advising on various tax planning opportunities available.
  • obtaining Revenue agreement to all matters to enable satisfactory finalisation of cases.
  • preparation of all tax forms R185 etc.
  • all taxation advice to executors, trustees and beneficiaries as required.

Please contact us to learn how best we can work together and help us relieve some of the compliance pressures you are facing.

For more information please contact Neville Beckhurst, Partner at the Eastbourne office on 01323 431200 or email

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