Value Added Tax - VAT

VAT is one of the most complicated of taxes to comply with and the one that can cause the most headaches! Whilst simple in theory, in practice there are many pitfalls. This is particularly true of land and property transactions, where if you get it wrong the amounts involved can be very large indeed!

Our VAT services

However, the Plummer Parsons tax team can guide you through the legislation and offer advice when it is needed. We can analyse your business activities and tell you when you need to register, how to comply with your filing obligations and whether to charge VAT or not.
Remember also that VAT is an all encompassing tax. It affects businesses, charities and non-profit making organisations alike! If your taxable income exceeds the registration limits you are required to register even if you are a charity and do not normally pay tax! In fact, the variety and nature of charities’ income streams means that VAT compliance is harder for charities, and charities need to be aware of the various VAT exemptions specifically available to them.

Why Choose Plummer Parsons Tax Team?

We have a wide knowledge of VAT issues which includes helping clients with VAT investigations and negotiating reductions in excessive tax demands. Our tax team can help with any of the following:

  • Assistance with VAT registration - both voluntary and compulsory.
  • Advice on which VAT scheme to use – flat rate or cash accounting.
  • Help with completing your VAT returns.
  • VAT planning for future projects including land and property transactions.
  • General advice on claiming and charging VAT.
  • Negotiating with H M Revenue & Customs regarding VAT investigations and assistance with VAT visits.

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