Corporate Tax Planning

Corporation tax represents a substantial proportion of a company’s costs.  Further to this the increased complexity with constantly changing assurance, regulatory, tax compliance requirements and harsher penalties for non-compliances means a large amount of your time will be taken up meeting these needs and not allowing for the appropriate consideration to ways in which you can minimise your corporate tax exposure which can have the potential to significantly improve your bottom line.

Our proactive approach ensure that all our clients maximise the opportunities available to them by providing information that allows the identification of issues at the appropriate time and the expert advice that will enable them to apply practical measures.

Our team can help determine the most effective structure for your business, allowing you to take full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs, at all stages of corporate entities’ lifecycles.

  • Start ups (Establish the most beneficial tax model)

  • Maximising relief on acquisitions and reducing tax on disposals

  • Raising finance (Debt, equity, and foreign currency; tax efficient intra group financing; making use of tax losses; etc)
  • Succession planning (link)

There is a member of our team that can help you make the most of your situation.

International? Plummer Parsons can help!

  • UK business setting up or expanding overseas
  • Group structure
  • Repatriating profits
  • Double tax planning
  • Cross border acquisitions and disposals
  • Overseas business establishing a presence in the UK

Our experienced team will work with you to acquire an understanding of your business and aims for expanding.  Every country has a set of rules and these integrate with UK tax rules in different ways.  We can then help develop a suitable tax structure and minimise overall tax liabilities.

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