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Using the latest technology, our App has been developed by our Brighton accountants to provide you with useful tax tools and information via your mobile device. Available for iOS and Android mobile phones and devices it features:



Download for free now by clicking on the link below on your mobile device.


• Tax tips - a section on practical tax tips covering the family, businesses, selling assets and tax efficient savings.
• A range of tax calculators - gross pay to net, gross pay to net (self-employed), VAT due, corporation tax due, company car and fuel benefits, Stamp Duty Land Tax due, loan repayments and mortgage repayments.
• Tax rates - key tax rates tables with explanatory notes so we can now keep you up to date on the current tax position, such as the latest advisory fuel rates which are reviewed quarterly.
• Key tax dates - a reminder of key tax dates that can easily be added to your calendar.
• Regular news updates - a newsfeed to keep you regularly updated on topics that matter to your business.
• Links to our social media community so that you can join in the conversation and add your thoughts to ours.

Plummer Parsons TaxApp will always be technically up to date and keep you reliably informed.