Sports Clubs- Charities, Community Interest Companies and Companies limited by guarantee

Members and ultimately sports club committee's in the 21st century have to take on many time consuming responsibilities. The importance of club volunteers cannot be underestimated and often volunteers are forced into roles they do not have much experience in. Therefore our designated service provides the help and support those club volunteers need. Be it finance, club legal structures or funding our specialist sports team, who themselves have experience of being involved at committee levels, will provide ongoing help and support to your club.

There are many different legal forms that your club could adopt – Incorporated or Unincorporated, Community Interest Company, Industrial Provident Society, CASC or charity? It all can be very confusing and therefore we will guide you through the different forms and structures that your club can take and look at their respective advantages and disadvantages.

We have a commitment to providing sports club with the latest information available and our work has seen us link up with many clubs throughout the UK as well as providing seminars and guidance to many national governing bodies, county sports partnerships and local councils sports development teams.

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