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Plummer Parsons  (PP) sports team have worked with many golf clubs not only doing audit and accounts work but also within our specialist area of CASC.  We are now England Golf's CASC Consultants and are regularly advising clubs around the country on this subject. 

CASC is becoming a lot more relevant for golf clubs as they see member numbers declining which is affecting their levels of income.

Golf clubs upon CASC registration immediately benefit  from 80% off their annual rates bill which will go someway to addressing the fall in income.

Our team have helped many clubs through the CASC registration process which is often complicated by the necessary rule changes that clubs often have to introduce and essentially get approved by the members.  We have detailed below the type of work we will undertake on behalf of your club.

1. We advise clubs to hold an open forum meeting where members can put across any concerns they have with regards joining the CASC scheme as it provides the club with a chance to answer all the, often negative myths and questions that can surround the scheme.  We will offer to attend this meeting and provide your members with a powerpoint presentation and then be on hand to answer any questions they may have.
If the meeting is deemed a success and CASC registration is to continue we will then assist you through the main CASC registration process. 

2. Review your constitution and work on the revised changes necessary to enable it to fit into the CASC guidelines and requirements. 
3. Advise the changes to you that will be needed and if deemed necessary provide you with our own CASC Q & A word document.  
4. We would then send in your application form that we would have completed based on the information we would have received from yourself re member numbers etc. It will require a signature and details for the club's main point of contact through the process. The application will include the form, the revised constitution and the latest set of accounts. All letters and correspondence would be dealt with by us and we would obviously inform you of any correspondence or contact we receive from HMRC's CASC registration department.
5. Once the revised constitution and application gets approved by them the revised constitution would then need members approval. You would then formally hold an EGM/AGM to approve the required changes and we would offer to come and be at the EGM/AGM to help with the process of getting it approved and answering any additional questions.
6. Once approved by the members we would send a signed copy of the minutes from the meeting and revised constitution to HMRC for official granting of the CASC status. As soon as this is done we can then advise you to write to your local council to apply the 80% rates relief.  We also suggest asking them to top it up by the additional 20% as the council themselves will be saving money by you going through the CASC scheme as the 80% relief is all centrally funded by Government. 
7. We would then provide you with one of our Gift Aid packs which explains how it can be structured and fully utilised within a golf club.
With the amount of savings that can be made each month through rates alone we feel our expertise and advice can get the whole process undertaken quickly and more efficiently which in turn means the club starts the rates saving as soon as possible.

We will be happy to discuss this further with you and provide you with a fixed fee based on the amount of work you ask us to be involved in.

If golf clubs are looking for another source of investment or saving to help develop their facilities we can help advise on other opportunities that may be available to your club.

If you would like to talk to one of our England Golf CASC Consultants please email or call the office on 01323 431200.


"Having decided to apply for Registration as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), Ashby Decoy Golf Club Management Committee talked to other clubs who had acquired this status to establish their views and experience to date.

The Committee decided it was desirable to appoint professional advisors to maximise the chance of a positive application.

We chose Plummer Parsons who seemed to be the leader in this area of expertise. Initially, we thought that their location in the South of England would be a major constraint but this was not a problem.

A combination of excellent and relevant literature plus regular telephone and email contacts concluded with a face to face meeting to brief our committee in the clubhouse ahead of an EGM which approved our submission.

Without doubt, their support over two years was the key factor in our obtaining a successful application and we would recommend Plummer- Parsons to any other Sports Clubs who are considering a similar application."

David Whittle, Ashby Decoy Golf Club, SCUNTHORPE

"We were very grateful for the help, advice and support given us to by Phil Harper of Plummer Parsons in the process of obtaining our CASC registration."
Jacqueline Packham, Secretary, Willingdon Golf Club, EASTBOURNE

"We would like to thank Plummer Parsons for their expertise relating to CASCs. They recently attended our EGM where members voted on the proposal to enter the scheme and make the necessary constitution changes. They were able to provide us with the answers to the many questions that were asked by our members. Thank you for all your advice and assistance."
David Lockyer, Club Manager, Royal Eastbourne Golf Course

"We are very grateful to Phil Harper from Plummer Parsons who came and provided a detailed CASC presentation to our members and was then on hand to answer the members many questions of this scheme."

John Ashenhurst, Lilley Brook Golf Club, Cheltenham

"We are very grateful to Phil Harper of Plummer Parsons who came and presented to our members on CASC and was then on hand to ask the many questions that members had. His knowledge on the scheme together with the help of another local CASC registered club’s secretary’s positive feedback on how the scheme had affected his club enabled us to vote through our proposed application for CASC with a majority just over 85%, whereas our previous attempt two years previous had seen over 90% of members voting against the proposal. We look forward to working with Plummer Parsons as they guide us through the rest of the CASC application process."

 Joe Hyde, Manager Newcastle Under Lyme Golf Club

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