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Plummer Parsons are proud to have linked up with the ECB and provided many seminars around the country on CASC in conjunction with the ECB county board regional seminars.
We can offer two main services:
The first is to help clubs through the registration process and what it involves and  secondly  then ensure that once registered,  clubs can fully utilise  Gift  Aid within a cricket club structure.
As part of our commitment to the ECB and grassroots sport we have agreed with the ECB that all clubs registered with Natwest Cricket force will receive a discount on these two services .
All clubs are invited to contact a member of our team for free advice  to determine what savings your clubs can make through the CASC scheme.

If you would like to talk to someone in the sports team please email or call the office on 01323 431200.


"Thank you for the CASC information pack, we can now start generating extra income for the club.

As a result of the Plummer Parsons CASC presentation evening at Brighton City Council and our subsequent meeting with you and our committee, we are now a CASC registered club.

Prior to your initial presentation we had spent more than a year in trying to obtain CASC but could not satisfy HMRC conditions until you came to our rescue. We would not hesitate to recommend Plummer Parsons to other sports clubs seeking CASC status our only regret is that we should have approached you earlier.

We also greatly appreciate your ongoing support for the next year and the very low cost you apply to the whole process.

Very many thanks for all you help"

Alan Wildig, Chairman St Matthias Cricket Club, BRIGHTON



'We as a club were very grateful to Phil Harper for his help through our CASC registration process and the subsequent ongoing help after we had purchased Plummer Parsons Maximising Gift Aid pack. We recommend that other clubs contact them for their valuable help and assistance'
Richard Veness, Treasurer Chearsley Cricket Club


"Phil Harper from Plummer Parsons has now presented to 3 of our Area Cricket Associations and on each occasion the response from the attendees was very positive. The focus of the presentation was Community Amateur Sports Club status (CASC), and although some clubs already had the status, Plummer Parsons provided a valuable insight into how to reap optimum benefits from having the status. What was particularly useful was Phil’s ability to align some of the processes and “maths” to a cricketing context. I am already aware of some clubs who are intending on applying for the status as a result of the information provided. All in all, the Sussex Cricket Board is very grateful for their attendance at evenings that were designed to offer some support to cricket clubs in these challenging financial times. I would encourage other sporting bodies to do the same."
Tim Shutt, Cricket Development Manager, Sussex Cricket Board, HOVE

"Phil as our Treasurer registered our club as a CASC back in 2005 and since then it has been hugely beneficial to us and enabled the club to invest the extra funding into improving our facilities. The club has had over £2,500 in Gift Aid repayments and by implementing all the Maximising Gift Aid schemes the club will be aiming for £1,000 of Gift Aid repayments each year."
Roger Martin, Chairman, Glynde & Beddingham CC, GLYNDE

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