Maximising Gift Aid for a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)

It is often possible to utilise Gift Aid when clubs are organising their fundraising events throughout the year and indeed when setting subscription levels.

Setting the level of junior subscriptions to a lower level and asking for the difference to be made as a voluntary donation.

Expenses, such as mileage and expenses incurred by volunteers are often foregone; such expenses can be claimed and then repaid back to the club as a donation under gift aid.

Fundraising events such as dinners, balls, concerts and raffles can set ticket entry to a level which enables the club to break even with a suggested donation, which could be Gift Aided, on top of this.

Sponsorship of members who raise funds for the club by way of participating in activities such as running in marathons, sponsored swims or other similar fund raising qualify in full for Gift Aid.

Where certain objects being auctioned have a readily ascertainable value, yet the price is in excess of this value, the excess can be treated as a voluntary donation and therefore eligible for Gift Aid. However the buyer must be aware at the time of the bid that the item could be purchased separately at its lower market value.

Offering a taster day to potential new members providing the club’s facilities and perhaps coaching etc and suggesting a donation to the club.

In all these cases the principle will only work if the Community Amateur Sports Club is prepared to take the risk of members paying less than anticipated and that there is appropriate documentation retained to support the donations received.  Our specialist CASC team can provide all of the necessary documentation, information and assistance to enable clubs to maximise their club funds.

If you would like to talk to someone in the sports team please email or call the office on 01323 431200.

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