Benefits of becoming a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)

Social Benefits

The Community Amateur Sports Club Scheme (CASC) provides clubs with extra funding that can be reinvested in improving facilities.

CASC registered clubs, by definition, have to be open to all with reasonable membership fees, ensuring greater opportunities for participation and can enhance funding applications.

Government have a commitment to ensure all children get the opportunity of 2 hours a week community sport.

Rising overweight and obesity levels in the UK in children need to be addressed.

Obesity one of the biggest financial strains on the NHS.

Community sports will have key role in creating a legacy for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games.

‘Decade of Sport’ will create great awareness of sports and participation in local clubs should increase.

Financial Benefits

80% mandatory business rate relief. Local authorities can offer up to 100% relief to Community Amateur Sports Clubs at their discretion.

The ability to raise funds from individuals under Gift Aid. A registered CASC can reclaim £25 in tax for every £100 donated, though at the moment this does not apply to all types of donations.

Community Amateur Sports Clubs are exempt from Corporation Tax on profits derived from trading activities if their trading income is under £30,000 pa.

Profits derived from property income are also exempt for Community Amateur Sports Clubs if gross property income is under £20,000 pa.

Community Amateur Sports Clubs whose income does not exceed these thresholds will no longer be required to complete an annual Corporation Tax return but clubs must distinguish and record non member income.

If you would like to talk to someone in the sports team please email or call the office on 01323 431200.

Plummer Parsons

Plummer Parsons