Specialist Audit Qualification

Audit Qualification
The Audit Qualification (AQ) is awarded to ICAEW members who have demonstrated that they have achieved sufficient knowledge and supervised experience in audit, through examination and work experience gained within an ICAEW Authorised Training Employer.

Audit is a tightly regulated area throughout the UK so with the requirements of being a member of a recognised qualifying body, a licence to practice and an audit qualification, it is with welcome knowledge to know that many of our employees hold such a vital qualification.

If you are required to present audited accounts, Plummer Parsons' highly experienced approach, guidance and efficient service means your audit can be carried out with minimum disruption to your business, by qualified and professional personnel.  

At Plummer Parsons all the partners have this qualification along with the following members of staff:
-Chris Burgess
-Ian Killick
-Tony Collins
-Lavanya Vijendra