HMRC Enquiries

HMRC Tax Investigation

In recent years there has been an increasing focus on HM Revenue & Customs enquiries, both for individuals and companies. The effect has seen an increase in the random nature of their enquiries which means that no individual or business is immune from selection for investigation. In the light of this Plummer Parsons are urging all clients to insure themselves and their businesses against the additional costs these enquiries generate with fee protection insurance.

Peter Thursfield says, 'Fee protection insurance covers you and your business for our professional fees to deal with this situation. This means that in the event of a full enquiry, fee protection insurance will cover your fees, up to a maximum of £75,000 in any one claim. The average Inland Revenue full enquiry will normally require many weeks of our time, and as this is specialist work dealt with by senior staff, the professional fees to deal with the enquiry could easily run into thousands of pounds'.

Taking up cover will result in you being indemnified for professional fees arising in relation to the following:

HMRC Tax Investigation Service

In addition, TaxSure for Accountants gives you unlimited access to their Business Support Helpline on a wide range of issues from employment law and health & safety to commercial legal matters at no extra cost. These areas increasingly produce difficulties and uncertainties for businesses and these can be answered. We have selected TaxSure for Accountants offered by the market leader, CCH Fee Protection. Further details can be found on their web site: Peter Thursfield confirms 'This cover for investigation work and advice is very cost effective for all businesses and reduces the financial risk of enquiries and we therefore strongly recommend it for clients'.

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