What Help is Available to Eastbourne Businesses and Startups?

With a population of around 100,000 people, Eastbourne is the second fastest growing seaside towns in the United Kingdom. This has helped East Sussex not only weather the economic downturn since the 2008 financial crash, but propelled it into the lead as one of the country’s fastest growing counties. With growth around 34% higher than the national average, East Sussex is a success story which makes this a very attractive location for business owners from all walks of life and all sectors.

When it comes to setting up a new business, Eastbourne has much to recommend it. The town is already home to some major companies from a broad spectrum of industries, and has a strong reputation as an attractive location for e-commerce start-ups. With excellent B2B links, multiple business events and a Chamber of Commerce made up of over 600 members, Eastbourne is the ideal location for new entrepreneurs looking to make their mark and establish or grow their businesses. Taking that initial step, however, often requires support, and there is plenty available if you know where to look.

Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce


Eastbourne Chamber of CommerceYour first port of call when setting up or growing your business, the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce is the largest Chamber of Commerce in the South East with around 600 members. Their diary is always packed with useful networking events, which are invaluable when it comes to establishing new contacts and support systems in those early years. They also liaise with other Chambers of Commerce across the East Sussex region, which means that business owners can cast their nets wider when it comes to building working relationships with other companies.

Federation of Small Businesses, East Sussex


Federation of Small Businesses, East SussexThe local branch of the Federation of Small Businesses is a mine of information for business owners. With lists of regional contacts, a packed schedule of B2B events, updates on regional news which may affect the business community and lots of advice available, they should be one of your first points of contact.



Eastbourne Borough Council


Eastbourne Borough CouncilA great resource for support and advice, the local council is an obvious first step when it comes to getting help. In addition to being the place to apply for licences, registrations and planning applications, their website also offers guides on relocating to Eastbourne and the best places to find financial assistance or grants. The Council can also point you in the direction of other business support groups.


Eastbourne and District Enterprise Agency (EDEAL)


Eastbourne and District Enterprise Agency (EDEAL)A not-for-profit enterprise agency, EDEAL can provide essential information to new companies setting up in the city and offer support to established businesses. The emphasis here is firmly on the local. In addition to helping facilitate business introductions between companies, they also have a number of free resources including a Business Directory and model business plans, cash flow sheets, personal survival budgets and SWOT analysis.

Locate East Sussex


Locate East SussexLocate East Sussex are a one-stop shop for any new or growing business. With plenty of resources available they help new and existing companies arrange loans and funding to assist them in setting up or expanding, as well as offering advice on finding commercial premises in the city and the surrounding area. They can also offer guidance on local education and training opportunities, as well as being able to point you towards reputable local recruitment agencies.

Business East Sussex


Business East SussexFunded by East Sussex Council, Business East Sussex is a free service offered to all East Sussex businesses. With advice on starting, running and growing a business, the team offers guidance on everything from finding funding and business premises to writing a business plan, researching your market and setting up your own website. Just to give you a bit of motivation on those days when it all seems a little overwhelming, their case studies can provide inspiration and a bit of a boost as you get your own enterprise off the ground. 

With a creative and dynamic business community already calling Eastbourne its home, choosing to locate your business in this ever-growing hub is an excellent choice. The long established support networks available to you and the wealth of local knowledge and advice could prove critical in those early years, when making contacts and building working relationships.

To help you get started Plummer Parsons have a comprehensive guide to starting your own business and business planning.

We're also here to help so if you'd like to speak to a local accountant in Eastbourne, don't hesitate to contact us.

Take advantage of all the resources and options available to you, and you’ll soon realise Eastbourne is a fantastic place to launch your business.