Compliance and why is it necessary?

All too often Trustees and other individuals in finance start to feel the burden of the constant changes in legislation, and additional work/effort being imposed on them as a result. 

However, consider this instead…  Compliance is more than red tape, it is a way of boosting public confidence in the third sector.

In recent months and years, the number of articles appearing in our tabloids has increased.  From Chief Finance Officers incorrectly administering resources, to Chief Executive Officers not running a charity in the best way for its beneficiaries and laws being broken due to poor oversight.

In addition, having a particular set of guidelines to follow helps the Trustees themselves to have confidence in what they and the charity are doing.
So next time the Trustee’s are asked by a governing body or third party to comply with additional legislation, think about why you are being asked to comply.  After all, all charities should have the public interest at the forefront of the services they provide.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Charity Team if you have any compliance queries.