The Best Business Networking Groups in Brighton

The city of Brighton has the highest proportion of creative SMEs in the entire country, as well as the most number of start-ups per capita outside of London.

And in a city teeming with entrepreneurs, networking groups are not far behind.

Networking brings with it a number of advantages for your business, primarily by giving you professional connections that could open a lot of doors down the line. However, plenty of business owners find it hard to justify the time needed to establish valuable connections.

The Best Business Networking Groups in Brighton

Studies show that one in four professionals do not network at all. And for those who do network, 41% say they want to join more meetups - and that lack of time is what gets in the way.

But although it may not seem like a priority, networking can positively impact your business in a number of ways.

In fact, the vast majority of entrepreneurs (95%) believe that face-to-face meetings are vital for the long-term success of their businesses. In-person meetings also convert their prospects 40% of the time

Given all these benefits, it is unsurprising that Brighton is buzzing with meetups and events for business owners across a multitude of disciplines.

Whether you are running a start-up or a corporation, you can find a group that will suit your needs.

Here are our top picks of the business networking groups in Brighton.

1. Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce 

Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce offers networking events, debates, and socials. They also provide training sessions for a wide range of topics, whether you need guidance for marketing, finance, or pensions.

This is the biggest networking group in the city, so expect to meet professionals who run large businesses, charities, or social enterprises.

If you know anyone who is already a member, you can tag along for free and see if this is something you would like. However, given the size of the event, bear in mind it may take you a few entries to find relevant contacts.

Their monthly membership rates are £13.50 for small companies with one to five employees, £27.00 for those with six to 15 employees, and £41.50 for businesses with more than 16 employees. You can check out their scheduled events here.

2. The Sustainable Business Network

The Sustainable Business Network aims to connect business owners who can further their environmental agenda. Their events—often led by keynote speakers and experts—will teach you how to reduce your costs and carbon footprints by being more efficient with your resources.  

If you are selling environmental products or services, this is the place to be. It currently has around 2,000 members and joining is free.

3. Network Albion Business Club 

If you support the local football team Brighton and Hove Albion, then you will be among like-minded peers at Network Albion Business Club.

Although the group is initially formed to support the team, it has now evolved into a busy hive of business activities. Teaching entrepreneurs around the country how to properly network and build connections. One of the perks of this group is that also you have the opportunity to promote your business to the Albion fan base.

The annual membership price per company is £600 + VAT (with one month free), while the monthly fee is at £55 + VAT. Although the group is dominated by males, females and even non-Albion fans are still welcome.

There are monthly networking events at the Amex Stadium. You can check their schedule here.

4. Open Coffee Sussex

This free networking opportunity is available for those in the tech space. Informal meetups are scheduled in coffee shops across the city every second Thursday of the month.

Anyone who runs a digital business can join. All you need to do is buy a cup of coffee and start networking.

5. Film Pro Networking 

Established in 2014, this fairly young networking group is a great opportunity to meet like-minded professionals in the film industry. Welcoming everyone involved the filmmaking process—from writers to producers, to visual effects artists, and film crew. They run events that help their members learn more about various aspects of the film industry, collaborate with other professionals, and produce feature films in Brighton and Hove.  

There is a monthly meetup for all film workers and membership is free. You can even have your business included in their on-site directory.


ALT.NET is an informal meetup for everyone interested in C# and .NET development. They meet at The Skiff every first Tuesday of the month, which starts at 7:30 PM and ends usually at 9:30 PM. Most meetups average around 10 to 20 people.

The great thing about this group is that you don’t have to apply through a traditional membership process. Every event is free and you can just show up on the day itself. This also means that you could be opening yourself up to a variety of different professionals every meeting, that membership fees would otherwise put off.

7. Async

Async is a group that caters to JavaScript professionals. They meet every month to discuss all things JavaScript and other web technologies.

You can attend all meetups—hack nights, show and tells, community events—for free. They usually start at 7:15PM and ends at 9:30PM, which then continues to an evening social.

Their upcoming event called Limitation Breeds Creativity will discuss unconventional solutions to certain limitations that web developers experience in their careers.

8. Brighton Farm

Every Wednesday evening, Brighton Farm hosts an informal meetup in a pub for freelancers in the new media industry such as web developers and designers.

This 15-year-old networking group comes together to discuss self-employment issues, encourage each other, and provide human interaction for those who are often working from home. You can become a member just by coming to one of their events.

9. She Says Brighton

SheSays is an international network for women who are in the creative, media, and digital industries. They currently have 40,000 members across 40 cities around the world.

Similar to the goals of the umbrella organisation, the Brighton chapter aims to discuss women-specific issues, break through the gender leadership imbalance, and improve their respective careers.

Membership, mentoring, and the events are all free. You can join the local LinkedIn group to see upcoming events in Brighton.

10. Mumpreneurs

Although it caters to the entrepreneurial mums in the city, Mumpreneurs is also open to business women and those who want to sell their service or product to the mum niche.  

Their monthly events, which averages 400 visits, are all for free. Given the group’s size, you are bound to grow your network here. As a member, you can also have your business listed in an open-to-all directory.

Membership fee is at £16 per month, however, billing is charged annually. You can click here to see all their upcoming events.

Think Long Term

Although face-to-face meetups seem outdated in this digital age, networking still proves to be valuable to your business’ bottom-line. More than expanding your connections, these groups can impart a lot of earned knowledge on how to run your business properly, whether that comes from a workshop or in a one-on-one chat with those who have done it before, and new insight.

Networking may not be all that thrilling at the beginning, but it will impact your business in the long run. And as an entrepreneur, you know that it pays to play the long game. 

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