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  • Accountants and Trainee Accountants job vacancies available!

    Trainee, Part Qualified and Qualified Accountants needed

  • Reporting Payroll to HMRC

    As a responsible business owner, you are legally required to report your payroll to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) within strict deadlines. Failure to report on time results in costly consequences. Follow this guide to avoid the financial and mental stress of missing your HMRC payroll report.

  • How are Charities Regulated?

    Charities benefit society, but a handful of scandals can erode public trust. In this guide, learn how regulations keep charities in check in the UK.

  • Plummer Parsons goes Green!

    Plummer Parsons goes Green with Green Mark

  • Charity newsletter - November 2019

    This time our main article tackles reserves.

  • How to not fall foul of the new IR35 Rules

    Conventional wisdom in the contracting world is for contractors to set up a personal service company or limited company before entering into any contract. This is to alleviate the worry of recruitment agencies, as they won’t be liable for unpaid taxes, and for the contractor to maximise their returns as well.

  • What is a Financial Audit and why are they Important?

    A financial audit is a comprehensive review of a company’s finances, including all the statements prepared by the company’s accountant. It identifies discrepancies in the records and provided statements, presenting any such issues, along with accurate data, in a report.

  • Accountants and Trainee Accountants job vacancies available!

    Trainee, Part Qualified and Qualified Accountants needed

  • How to Prepare your Small Business for an Audit

    There are many practical reasons your small business might need an audit. For one, banks and other private lenders are more confident in loaning money if your business has been audited. An audit can also point out flaws in your processes that you might have overlooked, which you can fix to safeguard your finances and help you run your company more efficiently.

  • 5 Challenges facing Charities in 2019

    The charity sector has been experiencing turbulence in recent years, with controversies over financial mismanagement and sexual misconduct making headlines. To respond properly, such problems need to be identified and discussed with clear, critical minds. That, however, starts with knowing the issues first.

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